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Welcome to Betterbet.bet, the smarter way to bet on football. We’re a new type of football tipping site providing tips and analysis on nine European leagues based upon a statistical model that we’ve built. The Betterbet model concentrates on the factors that really determine future team performance – rather than hearsay and guesswork. We’re constantly working to refine our model and help you profit – and we’re building on a strong base.

Our model is to provide value bets for match odds markets, with the aim of making a steady, long-term profit. We don’t guarantee positive results on a match to match or week to week basis. Long term profit, by picking teams who are overpriced. See how we’re doing below…

The Betterbet model so far this season has had a

+1.7% yield

Over 700+ tips since January 1st.

The file can be viewed below:

5th-8th May Weekend REVIEW

For more details on how our model works – click here.

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